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    Inflatable Fun and Treats for All Occasions

    Rent an inflatable from El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental today.

    At El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental, we have a wide array of inflatable slides to choose from that will bring an extra dose of fun to any occasion. From 15-foot tall models all the way up to 35-feet plus wet slides – there’s something for everyone! Plus, our professional staff take every precaution when setting up so you can rest assured your guests’ safety is always top priority. We usually arrive with plenty of time before your event begins and setup takes only about one hour.

    We prioritize your safety with every inflatable slide. Our team is proficient in properly setting up and running each of our slides as they are outfitted with the most modern technology for security and sturdiness. So whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, school celebration or community gathering – book your next party today! You can trust that no matter what type of event it may be -our inflatable slides are sure to make a huge splash!

    Call us today by dialing (916) 866-9350.

    El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental

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      Dry Slides

      Rent an inflatable from El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental today.

      Add an extra dimension of exciting fun to your event with our superior selection of dry slides! Our slides are available in a range of different sizes and shapes, beginning at 15 feet tall and reaching up to 35 feet. Perfect for occasions when water is not appropriate or if you’d rather keep clothes free from moisture, these thrilling slides feature steep slopes, winding turns, and speedy descents that guarantee hours on end of unlimited entertainment.

      To guarantee the enjoyment and security of our guests, we meticulously inspect and maintain all of our dry slides. Our team of professionals are experienced in installing these features to specific locations for optimum fun without compromising on safety. With us overseeing every aspect, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your event will be a success.

      Call us today by dialing (916) 866-9350.


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      Wet Slides

      Rent an inflatable from El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental today.

      Beat the heat and add some fun to your next party with our wet slides! We have a wide selection of sizes and themes for you to choose from, so that you can find just the right one for your event. All it takes is turning on the water once we get everything set up, then watch as everyone climbs their way up in anticipation until they take an exhilarating plunge down onto a pool filled with cool refreshment. The sound of laughter will fill the air all day long when people start screaming with joy as they slide past each other.

      Whether you’re throwing a birthday shindig or hosting a corporate event, our wet slides are the perfect way to add some extra fun for kids and adults alike. Everyone will love taking the plunge on this thrilling ride while feeling safe with our professional setup. Don’t delay—book your wet slide today and let us take care of all the details.

      Make sure your event is a roaring success with the high-grade dry slides from El Dorado Hills Bounce House Rental. Whether it’s for an office celebration, birthday bash or family gathering, our impressive selection of dry slides guarantee nonstop entertainment and exhilaration. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of dry slide options and secure your reservation now.

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